Day 146 - Ridiculously Overqualified Monster Killers

Hello Grandmother,
We’re alive. So that’s good. I was a bit nervous about that for a second, but then I do have two ridiculously overqualified monster killers backing me up, so I doubt I was ever really in that much danger.
But we’re safe in a new undisclosed location, and this one a little less bunker-y than [...]

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Day 145 - Can’t Really Talk

Can’t really talk. Infiltration found our bunker. Escaped into the forest. Fighting robots. Also sometimes vampires. The Eye is competing with the Marksman for most kills for the day. Will let you know who wins.
Happy New Years Grandmother.

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Day 144 - Struck Twelve

Hello Grandmother,
The attack has begun. And the Eye was right- the infiltration has developed a power that puts them on equal footing with the magical abilities of the vampires- they have a teleporter.
I have to say, it makes me incredibly nervous sitting here knowing that they have the ability to transport into any location in [...]

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Day 143 - As Far As I Know, Edward Furlong is Safe For the Moment

Hello Grandmother,
Does the Infiltration have a time machine? I know why you’d think so. Robots and time travel are clearly linked in historical popular culture. But I’m a bit skeptical. It’s an idea the Eye has been trying to run by me, she’s been picking up a lot of chatter that the Infiltration has something [...]

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Day 142 - Sitting on the Precipice of Decade

Hello Grandmother,
I’m starting to get a little trepidatious about the impending combat between the Infiltration and the Ministries. It’s not that I don’t trust the Eye’s intel, but I’ve been out of the universe for a little while, and everything seems a little disorienting. What are they waiting for? Is this really the beginnings of [...]

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Day 141 - The Value of Being a Reality TV Star

Hello Grandmother,
After about a two days, I had convinced my imprisoners that I wasn’t an agent of the vampires. That didn’t exactly make thing easier for me. People from our dimension are not highly thought of in the land of Oz. We’re seen as troublemakers whose interdimensional crossing invites even scarier things to venture [...]

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Day 140 - Prisoner of the Emerald State

Hello Grandmother,
The paradox of writing about the world you live in, especially when it is a secret world, is weighing heavily on me at the moment. Am I influencing how the coming battle between the Infiltration and the Vampire Ministries will occur by talking about it? Am I effecting how our relations with the land [...]

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Day 139 - This Would Be Easier To Write if I Could Get Some Peace and Quite

Hello Grandmother,
I’m at a weird point. Well, I’m generally always at a weird point, but I have to say, I’m having a strange time gauging my emotions at the moment. I’m trying to comprehend the life-altering experience I’ve just had, I’m hiding out in a bunker from what is likely to be a pivotal turning [...]

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Day 138 - The Trip to Quadling County

Hello Grandmother,
I’ve found that every time I really think I’ve got a handle on the world, something comes along that pulls the rug right out from under me. Landing in Quadling County has just been the latest in a long line of eye-opening experiences that has lead me to where I am. I’ve heard theories [...]

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Day 137 - The Vampire’s Secret Plans

Hello Grandmother,
Marksman and the Eye have me holed up in one of the Networks undisclosed headquarters, so writing may be difficult as access to the internet is limited. But since I have a moment, I wanted to start you off with what happened to me on the evening of December 12th.
I was on the track [...]

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