Day 156 - The Real Reason You’re Having Electronic Problems in Los Angeles

Hello Grandmother,
Violence is increasing, but nobody wants to engage the big forces. Which means the weak get crapped on. In the current state of LA, that means that anyone who needs to take from someone else steals from Non-Humanoids. They are the robots that have to live in the lowest level, who have to exist [...]

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Day 155 -It’s Frightening the Way Things Have Fallen Apart Since I Left

Hello Grandmother,
It’s frightening the way things have fallen apart since I left. L.A.’s really gone down hill quickly under the absentee leadership of the Bride of the Sword. With the Ministiries in disarray after the Valhalla attack, the city’s leadership has splintered. The psychic’s have made a clean break from the Hack, and seem to [...]

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Day 154 - Back in LA

Hello Grandmother,
Back in LA. It seems a bit quieter now. I don’t know if its from a lack of activity or just the feeling of calm that so opposed to everything I’ve felt for the last month or so. Good to see the network’s still running.
I’m waiting to see how the pieces all fall from [...]

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Day 153 - Wise Ass

Hello Grandmother,
In travelling the Oz countryside, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do to get home. I’d been trapped in the realm for over a week, and had no idea what kind of exit strategy I had available to me. Most important was to keep away from any military figures who might report [...]

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Day 152 - Where Did Everybody Go?

Hello Grandmother,
I hate to take another break before finishing my journey in Oz, but as we get a better look at the landscape post-Valhalla, I’ve got an issue that I feel I have to bring up. Namely, where did everyone go? In hearing about the disarray on both sides post-fight, it sounds as though they [...]

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Day 151 - Fear in a Fantasy Land

Hello Grandmother,
Facing down Cassandra Stone when she had a gun in my face was scary. Getting my ass kicked by the Valkyrie was not something I thought I would survive. But it was there in Oz that I really lost it.
It wasn’t the mannequins though. I pled my case, explained my position fighting the vampires [...]

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Day 150 - Animated Progeny

Hello Grandmother,
I’ve had enough time now to sit down and really try to put the last few weeks in perspective. And with the terror of the Valhalla attack behind us, I’m starting to better understand what really happened to me in Oz.
Once I was deemed important enough by the soldiers roughing me up, I was [...]

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Day 149 - Why It’s Important to Know Where the Heart is on a Body…

Hello Grandmother,
The Eye has been raging on me for promising to report about her and the Marksman’s robot killing contest, and not actually getting to it. So far the new year has me a little behind, but I wanted to make sure that I had my statistics right.
The Eye definitely put the shock in shock [...]

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Day 148 - The Dust Has Settled…

Hello Grandmother,
The dust has settled enough that I’m able to declare a winner of the first fiery battle between robot and vampire. And the winner is vampire.
Sure, the Infiltration put up quite a fight. The addition of teleporter technology made them fairly unpredictable. But they were attacking a well fortified base that, if anything [...]

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Day 147 -Imminent Threats

Hello Grandmother,
There’s a few imminent threats on the horizon, as we sit here and collect ourselves after the first real battle between robots and vampires. First of all, there’s the Infiltration’s teleporter. Do they have more than one? Was it destroyed in the fight? That’s a powerful technology for anyone to have, let alone a [...]

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