Day 83 - The Vengeance Guild

Hello Grandmother,
As the Ministries implement there new policies, their enemies inside the vampire community are starting to institute changes of their own. Namely, they’re forming a competing organization, grouped together from the vampire houses left powerless in the vampire revolution. They’re given voice by Richard III and the growing community of frustrated vampire lords seeking [...]

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Day 82 - Apparently there are Whole Unused Factories Across the Nation Filled with Robot Versions of Famous People

Hello Grandmother,
History is a matter of perspective. Which means you have to be careful with who you get your history from, and how much you trust of what you get. I’m getting competing views of robot history, and maybe they add up to the same whole, or maybe I’m being lied to straight to my [...]

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Day 81 - This is Not a Status Quo that’s Going to Last Long

Hello Grandmother,
Vampire policy changes are being put into action. One of the big ones I’m seeing right off the bat is a power sharing deal in Los Angeles. No longer will competing warlords battle for supremacy in the streets. What this means in practice is that Fang has to start sharing his dominance [...]

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Day 80 - The Frustrating Track of Trying to Discern Mechanical Fact from Calculated Fiction

Hello Grandmother,
There are a lot of unanswered questions about the evolution of robotkind that I have at the moment. So it’s only natural that the most duplicitous robot I know would come forward with answers. Flux, the faux-junk dealer who stole my most prized possessions (which, honestly, I didn’t mind since they seemed to put [...]

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Day 79 - Now the Metal Men Have Free Reign to Hunt in the Night, and They Will Go Up Against it’s Most Dangerous Predator

Hello Grandmother,
Vengeance. It’s a common trait amongst vampires. It makes sense, you live long enough, you eat people, you’re going to have a grudge against someone. The Ministries work by subverting that, though. Like they’re trying to creat egalitarian vampires who suck from everyone equally. Personal grudges get submerged into big, goal-oriented structural issues.
So what’s [...]

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Day 78 - The Robot Secret Civil War of 2000 A.D.

Hello Grandmother,
The problem with researching the past is, sometimes it comes back to bite you in the ass. I mentioned yesterday, the robot Turk who may have been one of the first robots to live successfully hidden in society as a human. Well it appears he’s written me a letter. In which he promises to [...]

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Day 77 - Robots from Baghdad

Hello Grandmother,
The fear and panic over the shadowy threat of the Infiltration has allowed me access to robot history that I wouldn’t otherwise have available to me. One of the biggest questions I’ve been asking is: since when have there been robots capable of emulating people? I know, in general terminology, about the robots [...]

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Day 76 - Iduna Fenrir

Hello Grandmother,
As she speeds back off to Europe, Kelly Burke’s prosecutor Faustina Magnus has been replaced in the states by another major German vampire, Magdalena Schneider, or as she’s know today Iduna Fenrir. Iduna is a German technomancer vampiress, a master of machine magics who just happens to be undead. She’s taken her name from [...]

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Day 75 - The Atomic Clock is Ticking

Hello Grandmother,
The Atomic Clock is ticking.
Prophecy is a hard thing to nail down. Predictions are easier. But where do the two meet? What if you could see into things, just sat there all day, put all your resources into coming up with what was likely to happen? And What if you had a nuclear brain? [...]

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Day 74 - From an Artist Scuplting a Perfect Human Replica in a Garage to an Army Being Built in a Mock Suburb

Hello Grandmother,
I’ve been desperate to find any information I can about the Infiltration, and a large part of that has been accepting rumor and trying to discern as much truth from it as I can. I know Flux’s legend about the three robot cities. Valhalla, Montana. Purgatory, California. Duat, Massachusetts. Three hidden cities spread [...]

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