Day 136 - The Strange Return of… Well, Me

Hello Grandmother,
I lead a strange life. Most people would consider any of the events in my life completely insane. But even I can’t quantify what’s happened to me the last ten days.
I’m back among friends, which is someplace I wasn’t sure I was ever going to be again. All I can say is I’m glad [...]

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Day 135 - Important Fact: Robots Not Fun to Punch

I don’t know how 1159 did it- writing every day. My fists are sore and my head is ringing, and all I want to do is go to sleep. But I’ll give everybody an update, cause I’m proud of today’s… activities.
Based on the information I beat out of the vamp parasite cowboy Pistol yesterday, I [...]

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Day 134 - I Think I Got Me a Fang

I like to think of myself as a hero. Protector and all that. So I don’t like to glorify violence. But man, beatin’ up vampires is fun. A slimy cowboy vamp calls himself Pistol happened to cross my path while I was hunting down 1159’s trail. Seems he knew a few things about where 1159 [...]

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Day 133 - So That was the Eye

I understand magic. It’s mostly someone breaking the rules to screw you over. That’s what I do when I use my mark. I understand machines. They do what you tell them. What I don’t understand is thinking machines. Something man-made with a mind of its own. It defies how the universe is supposed to work.
The [...]

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Day 132 - Holiday Robot Report

Day 132
Um, hey out there. This is the Eye. I’m guessing you don’t know me, and I’d like to keep it that way. The Marksman asked me to give you a report on the information that I’m getting. I don’t quite know who I’m writing this to, but I guess this would be useful to [...]

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Day 131 - Staking Vampires Used to be A Lot Less Complicated

I’ve killed a lot of vampires in my time. More than a couple. When I first started down that path, it was pretty easy. They attack, you stake, you move on. That was back in the early days after the vampire revolution, where most of the vamps hadn’t quite adjusted to the new status quo. [...]

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Day 130 - A Bit About Me

I’m not a very open person. But since I promised to keep this going, it occurs to me that I’d be a good idea to tell the world about the kind of man I am, the kind of man they’ve forgot.
I bear a mark. I’m not the first. I won’t be the last. It’s [...]

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Day 129 - Guess They Didn’t Get Him After All

I don’t think I’m that smart. I got a mark on me, lets me know I’m special, lets me do things others can’t, but it don’t make me smarter than anyone else. That’s why I have a network, a group of allies in the fight on evil that can figure out things that require two [...]

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Day 128 - Forgotten Heroes

I used to help people. Not by fighting monsters in dark places, but in broad daylight. Back in the day that was acceptable. Course I was never your bright and shiny hero. I’m the Marksman after all. I shot the bad guys that deserved it. I never thought that much about religion or the hows [...]

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Day 127 - Laundry Day

I hate vampires. I really do. They suck the life out of you and then act indignant when you get mad about it. God damn Damned. I know 1159 worried a lot about robots and progress, but the machines are really going to have to show me something to prove they are scarier than the [...]

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