Day 126 - Goodbye, 1159

This is the Marksman. Eleven Fifty-Nine asked me to keep this record going in case he didn’t return from his mission. He hasn’t. I suspect he may be gone for good. But I’ve lost too much over the years to let another friends dying wish go unfulfilled. The fight isn’t over. Vampires may run our [...]

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Day 125 - Lies & Illusions

Hello Grandmother,
I hate lying. It’s a sad reality of life that lies are just something you have to accept as something people are going to tell you and something that you have to tell others and yourself. I wasn’t exactly truthful in my post yesterday. Which I was hoping you would understand, when I was [...]

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Day 124 - Moon Rise

Hello Grandmother,
I’ve discovered the whereabouts of the device. I can’t say much more. I’m going to make a play tonight that’s going to accomplish what I need to survive. If I’m still around tomorrow, I’ll contact you at the place the moon rises. You know where. Wish me luck.

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Day 123 - I Might be Losing It

Hello Grandmother,
I’ve started to make a map of the place the ministry could be hiding a device that effects the fabric of space-time. A major headquarters make sense, but they also allow for more leaks on this kind of project, and that doesn’t seem to be happening (OK, well, it could be happening and they’re [...]

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Day 122 - I’m Going to Have to Go After Them

Hello Grandmother,
I’m being hunted. And the scariest part is that I have no idea the direction my attackers will come from. A vampire assault makes sense. They have to come at me, use their strengths and abilities to try and work around their weaknesses. But someone, somewhere in the Seven Deadly Ministries (who are [...]

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Day 121 - A Power Beyond Imagining; For Real This Time

Hello Grandmother,
I’m glad that I’ve resisted the urge to talk to you, to call out to you by name. The vampires seem to have a weapon of great power, a power I can only begin to conceptualize. They can remove things from existence.
It’s not something that’s easy for me to believe. I understand the weird [...]

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Day 120 - The Unbelievable Truth

Hello Grandmother,
I’m a lucky guy. You taught me to see things that way. I’ve seen amazing strangeness in my life, and that’s something I look upon positively. But not this. I don’t know how to deal with the information I’m processing.
My apartment was destroyed. That makes sense; it sucks, but I can deal. It sucks [...]

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Day 119 - The General Suck

Hello Grandmother,
Vampires have a draw on humans, it’s true. It’s something that I seem to see every day. Sure, plenty of them use hypnotic powers to draw people under their sway, but I think this overlays a more pertinent problem. People want to be drained. They don’t want to fight the world, and the vampires [...]

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Day 118 - If You Were Wondering About the Big Explosion in Silverlake Last Night, That was Me

Hello Grandmother,
Well, vampires blew up my house again. I don’t know if it was Ministry agents, cult of Lucifer terrorist, or hell, Infiltration member trying to frame the vamp elite. All I know at this point is that I’ve lost all of my possessions. For a second time. The Marksman’s Network has already moved me [...]

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Day 117 - When Fear Turns to Anticipation

Hello Grandmother,
I want to talk about where we’ve gotten to, mentally. It’s not just a place of assumed conflict, it’s a place where the lack of actual conflict seems like it’s starting to feel out of place for either side. Robots are walking through the streets, shocked when they aren’t assaulted by werewolves or vampires. [...]

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